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Welcome to KAMEDA Maternity and Ladies Clinic

Welcome to Our Clinic

For pregnant women

The doctors and staff of the KAMEDA Maternity and Ladies Clinic would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Pregnancy and child-birth are special events in any family’s life and we understand that giving birth while overseas can be a potentially stressful experience.

Like many expectant mothers you might have some anxiety about how your body is changing, how your child is developing inside you, or how to eat properly during your pregnancy. But the truth is that there is really nothing to worry about. Your body will change and adjust as your pregnancy progresses, naturally preparing both you and your baby for birth.
From the earliest stages of your pregnancy until the start of your contractions, our experienced team of mid-wives and nurses will support and advise you every step of the way. The joy of holding your newborn child in your arms is a unique and wonderful experience. Our goal is to provide you with all the guidance and support you need to have a safe and healthy birth.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology, but we regard child-birth as a holistic process and seek to promote a healthy, relaxed and natural birth process. Where possible, we use homeopathic therapies and only apply pharmacological treatments when necessary.
The two doctors, Dr. Kameda and Dr. Mizobuchi, work closely together with their team of midwives and nurses to provide personalized care for each and every clinic patient.

For the families of pregnant women

We regard child-birth as a very personal, natural, and important event in your family life. At our clinic, your partner, or any other family member, is welcome to be by your side during labor and delivery. In addition, your partner may also stay overnight with you and your newborn baby in our special family room, provided space is available. After birth, your baby will stay with you in your own private room so that early bonding between parents and children can take place. Midwives and nurses will regularly monitor your baby’s condition in your room, They can also look after your child for a time while you bathe or if you need to rest, but we believe the best thing for a newborn baby is to remain as close to its mother as possible.

For gynecological patients

KAMEDA Maternity and Ladies Clinic is primarily an obstetric clinic, but we also provide regular gynecological services and consultation about menopause and puberty.

Education and Employment History

Takashi Kameda, MD. PhD

Asahikawa Medical College in Hokkaido
Osaka University Medical School, PhD.
Position and Employment
1982 - 1984
Member of OB/GYN, Kaizuka Municipal Hospital in Osaka
1984 - 1985
Member of OB department., Osaka Medical Center Research Institute for Maternal Child Health in Osaka
1985 - 1991
Tutor of OB/GYN, Osaka University Medical School
1991 - 1993
Vice-director of OB/GYN, Osaka Rosai Hospital in Osaka
1994 - 2000
Director of OB/GYN, Ashiya Municipal Hospital in Hyogo
2001 - 2004
Director of OB/GYN, Izumiotsu Municipal Hospital in Osaka
2005 - present
Director, KAMEDA Maternity and Ladies Clinic

General Information

Admission Hours

Monday-Saturday 9–12 h; Monday,Wednesday, Friday 16–19 h
Closed on Sundays and on National holidays
Dr. Maki Mizobuchi, a female pyhsician, is available for consultation on every first, third and fifth Wednesday mornings.

Out-patient Mid-wife Consultation Sessions

In addition to regular check-ups with doctors Kameda and Mizobuchi,KAMEDA Maternity and Ladies Clinic offers two Out-patient Mid-wife Consultation Sessions (josanshi gairai) for patients in the 16th and in the 37th week of their pregnancies.
These are one-on-one, individualized consultation sessions between a patient and an experienced mid-wife.
Typically, the mid-wife conducts a physical check-up and counsels the expectant mother, answering any questions regarding labor and child-birth. Each session lasts approximately thirty minutes and advanced reservations are required. These special consultations are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons from 13:30 – 15:30. The cost for each session is approximately 5,000 yen.

Consultation on Breastfeeding

Mid-wies of KAMEDA Maternity and Ladies Clinic also offer regular Consultation on Breastfeeding, breast care, and baby care (bonyû gairai). This special out-patient service is available every morning except for Tuesdays. Patients are requested to make an appointment in advance. Consultations last about an hour and cost approximately 3,000 yen.

Registration at our Clinic for your delivery

You may register at any time during your pregnancy, though we recommend a registration as early as possible.

Clinic Stay after natural birth

Hospital Fee

Typically your Clinic Stay will last 5-6days after a natural birth and cost between 480,000 and 550,000 yen. Mothers undergoing a Caesarian porcedure will stay at the clinic for about 7days and will be charged a fee between 550,000 and 600,000 yen, when they have a Japanese national insurance. If mothers do not have any insurance, caesarian procedure stay will cost between 850,000 and 950,000 yen. All fee must settled in cash at the time of discharge from this clinic. There will be additional charges for extra services ( e.g. extra breast massage, family overnight fees, and chirdren's meals).

Preparations for Check-In

When Checking-In to our clinic, please bring your maternity record book, a maternity belt(hara-obi), and underwear (we suggest a wireless bra, if any). Pajamas, toiletries, napkins, and slippers are provided by the clinic. In addition, please bring a set of clothes for yourself and your baby to wear at the time you are discharged from the clinic. For your infant, please bring diapers, a baby blanket, and clothing suitable for the season. Laundry services will be provided throughout your stay with us. Water, tea, and coffee are provided in your room and are free of charge.

Family Stay

If you would like your elder child to stay with you at the clinic when you give birth, a Family Stay can be arranged. For an extra charge, we can prepare meals for your elder child, provided your child is older than 2 years of age. Your partner is also welcome to stay in your room on the night of you give birth, however, we regret that we cannot provide meal services or bathing facilities for adults. The accommodation fee for adults will be 2,000 yen. During your stay with us, we ask that you follow the instructions of the doctors, mid-wives, and nurses at all times. Please be aware that smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the clinic. Also, we ask you to safeguard your personal belongings as we cannot be responsible for any case of possible theft or loss.


When you check out of the clinic you will receive an audio recording of your baby’s first cry, a copy of your baby’s footprints, and pictures of your baby’s birth. At that time we will also present you with a certificate of your baby’s blood type as well as a special surprise gift to celebrate your child’s birth.

Pregnancy Classes and Exercise Programs

We provide Pregnancy Education for all expectant mothers to help prepare them for child-birth. Sessions are provided in Japanese only. Each course has three sessions which take place over the course of the pregnancy. We also provide two kinds of Exercise Classes, Maternity Yoga and Maternity Bics.
Reservations are required for all exercise classes and can be made at the reception on the first floor of the clinic. Space for each class is limited to 15 participants. Please note that you must obtain your doctor’s approval before joining in either exercise class.

Pregnancy Classeses

Our Pregnancy Classes are open to all patients, their partners, and/or family members. Registration for family members is required and may be made at the reception desk on the first floor. We advise our patients to attend one session each in the early, middle, and late stages of their pregnancy.
Expectant mothers should attend their first session on or before their 20th week of pregnancy. During this session we will focus on understanding the course of your pregnancy and how to support your baby’s development through good nutrition. The second session covers breastfeeding and handling of your baby, including the proper use of slings and baby carriers. We will also explain our clinic’s in-room care procedures for you and your newborn at this time. We recommend that mothers attend the second session sometime on or before their 30th week of pregnancy. In the third and last session of the course we will discuss the final stages of your pregnancy and explain to you in detail our clinic’s admissions procedures. We will once again show you our delivery and in-patient facilities and discuss any remaining concerns that you might have. This final session should take place in or near the 36th week of your pregnancy.

Maternity Yoga Classes

Our clinic offers special Maternity Yoga Classes for expectant mothers who have reached or passed their 14th week of pregnancy. Classes are held in the exercise room on the 4th floor of the clinic on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00. There are also afternoon classes on Tuesdays from 15:00 to 16:30. Yoga mats are provided by the clinic but we suggest that you bring drinking water, a towel, and comfortable clothing to wear while exercising.

Maternity Bics Classes

We also conduct special aerobics classes for pregnant women called Maternity Bics. These classes are held on Friday mornings from 11:00 to 12:00. In addition to drinking water, a towel, and exercise clothing, participants will need to bring indoor athletic shoes.

Exercise Program Fees

First Lesson: Free
Additional Lessons:
For our patients who will give birth at our clinic: 1,000 yen
For our patients who will give birth elsewhere: 2,000 yen

English speaking staff

Six staff members in our clinic can speak English. We welcome both Japanese and International parents.

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